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5 Features of Traditional Interior Design

5 Features of Traditional Interior Design

SOURCE: Windermere

There is perhaps no other home décor style as comforting as traditional interior design. Rooted in the masterfully crafted Chippendale and Thomas Sheraton furniture designs and classic Queen Anne colors, traditional décor is one vintage style that stood the test of time. Here are five distinct features of traditional interior design.

5 Features of Traditional Interior Design

1. Dark Wood Finishes

Part of the reason for traditional design’s timeless appeal is its use of woodworking. With woodwork as a foundation, this design style feels classic but not dated. The dark, bold colors resemble the Victorian style, but traditional interiors are simpler and less ornate. The dark tones of the wood create a foundation for a more colorful decorative palette.

2. Traditional Design Color Palette

Traditional design can handle a heavier color palette while still providing comfort. The darker wood tones allow for darker color to be used elsewhere throughout a space, such as dark window coverings. Floral, plain colors, and muted plaids are all common color schemes. Walls are often covered with patterned wallpaper, floral designs, or damask. In terms of designs, traditional interiors pair well with geometrics and small, striking yet understated patterns.

3. Hardwood Flooring

This design style is classic from the floor to the ceiling. You won’t find laminate or tile flooring in the common areas of a home that adheres to the principles of traditional interior design. Complimenting the surrounding woodwork, homes designed in this style have solid hardwood flooring.

4. Traditional Decorations

The decorations used in traditional design help to reinforce its unique, classic-yet-comfortable ambiance. Table lamps and vases are typical of a traditional interior, often displayed in pairs to create symmetry. Though these accessories are bold, they are never too ornate or over-the-top enough to dominate the room.

5. Design Philosophy

Traditional design is calm and orderly. Whereas a more eclectic interior design style may offer more surprises throughout its spaces, a traditional interior is more predictable. Even the textiles used are subtle, with typical materials ranging from cotton and fur to velvet and silk.

SOURCE: Windermere