Sellers November 30, 2023

High ROI Upgrades for Equestrian Properties

SOURCE: Windermere

High ROI Upgrades for Equestrian Properties

For equestrian homeowners who are thinking about selling, there’s a long list of to-dos to get to. Not only do you need to spruce up the home itself, but your surrounding property should be in prime condition as well. To maximize your return on investment and drive buyer interest, consider making strategic upgrades that enhance both your home and your land. Improvements like these will add value to your home and cater to the equestrian enthusiasts.

Boost Equestrian Property Value

Equestrian Facilities

What truly matters to equestrian buyers? Their horses. Knowing that their horses have access to high-quality facilities will be the key to attracting serious buyers. Focus your upgrading efforts on the stables and barns. Proper ventilation, spacious stalls, and easy access to the surrounding pastures on the property.

Buyers also want to know that their horses will be safe, so secure fencing is a must. Consider investing in durable fencing materials like vinyl, wood, or pipe fencing depending on the area that needs fixing and/or upgrading. Make sure all paddocks are fenced off appropriately. This is certainly a factor equestrian buyers will consider as they compare your property to other listings.

Depending on what discipline you’ve trained on your property, your riding arena will have different footing. Talk to an equestrian real estate specialist about best practices for upgrading and cleaning up your arena as you prepare to sell, they’ll be aware of any recent buyer trends and patterns you might want to lean into. What’s most important is that your riding arena look professional and clean, ready for buyers who are looking to train or compete.

Equestrian Property Value: Landscaping

Maintaining an equestrian property is more time consuming than caring for a typical single-family home, but as you prepare to sell, your land maintenance will kick into high gear. Well-kept landscaping will not only increase your home value, but it will also provide a safe environment for the eventual buyer’s horses. This is especially important if your property has scenic trails; landscaping features like these are a selling point and should be treated with care accordingly.

Home Improvements

The typical high ROI remodeling projects like upgrading your bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen apply for equestrian homeowners as well, but there are certain equestrian-specific upgrades that will apply uniquely to home buyers with horses. A remodeled mudroom or tack room will help you differentiate your listing, as will sustainable upgrades like solar panels or renewable energy capabilities throughout the property. Sustainability continues to grow in importance for homeowners of all types, equestrian included. Now more than ever buyers are mindful of ways they can sustainably manage their property. If you invest in eco-friendly improvements, your property could appeal to a wider pool of buyers.

By making upgrades like these, you’ll present your equestrian property in the best light, and you’ll significantly increase your chances of engaging buyers who are willing to pay a premium.

SOURCE: Windermere