Sellers August 29, 2023

Selling Your Home: The Final Walkthrough

Congratulations, you’ve found a buyer! But before you celebrate, there’s an important part of the closing process you need to pass: the final walkthrough. The final walkthrough isn’t a full-fledged home inspection, but if the buyer finds issues during the process it could complicate things. Your seller duties are still in play here, so be sure to communicate with your agent regarding best practices during these final stages. Let’s take a look at the final walkthrough and how to make sure you pass it with flying colors.

What happens during the final walkthrough?

As the name suggests, the walkthrough takes place during the closing process. This is not the time for discussing negotiating terms or buyer contingencies, since those details have already been ironed out at this point. The final walkthrough is a chance for the buyer to make sure they’re getting the house they’re paying for. They’ll examine the property with their real estate agent to verify that the terms of the deal are legit. For example, they’ll make sure that you’ve made the negotiated repairs, that you’re handing the property off to them in its agreed-upon condition, and that no new issues have popped up since it was formally inspected. If the buyer finds issues during their walkthrough, it could delay the closing process and/or hurt your net proceeds from the sale. Worst case scenario, complications discovered during the walkthrough could lead to a buyer backing out of the deal.


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Final Walkthrough Checklist

The final walkthrough will take place near closing day. You’ll have time to empty the house and make sure everything about its condition aligns with what’s spelled out in the purchase agreement. No matter how careful you try to be during the moving process, sometimes a wall or trim can get scuffed or scratched when trying to get the couch the last few feet out the door. Accidents happen. Just be sure to repair any damage before you’re fully moved out.

Keep a record of the work you’ve done to make sure your house is being sold as described in the real estate contract. Hold on to all paperwork that shows evidence of the repairs you and the buyer agreed on to verify they have been completed. You and your listing agent will iron out the details regarding which items you intend to take with you, but in general, appliances and other items that are fixed in place stay with the home. If there is something specific that you want to take with you to your new home, that will be a point of negotiation.

Make sure everything is clean and working properly before the buyer conducts their walkthrough. Check your appliances, HVAC, and other home systems including the thermostat, the home security system, and any smart home tech products. For a full moving checklist and a timeline of all tasks leading up to your moving day, visit our Step-By-Step Guide to the Moving Process. This list is also available as an interactive web page and downloadable PDF here:

Moving Checklist and Schedule