Living August 11, 2023

6 Natural Cleaning Solutions for Your Home

The last thing you want to do when cleaning your home is spread chemicals around; your house won’t be as clean, and it can pose risks for the health of your household. Organic home cleaning products reduce this risk by relying on natural ingredients that can often deliver a deeper cleanse. You can find cleaning solutions like these browsing the aisles at your local grocery store. Here are a few common cleaning methods and how to apply them around your home.

6 Natural Cleaning Solutions for Your Home

1. Clean with Lemons

When life gives you lemons…clean! And then once your home is sparkling clean, make lemonade with the leftovers. Lemons are not only delicious in food and drinks, but their chemical makeup is tailor-made for cleaning your home. Mixing lemon juice and baking soda makes a powerful cleaning solution that can tackle most cleaning chores normally performed with a sponge. When combined with soap, baking soda, and water, lemons can also be an effective degreaser. Find a recipe online and get to cleaning naturally!

2. Use Vinegar to Clean Your Home

Beyond its culinary uses, vinegar is a fantastic cleaning aid for homeowners. Most people know it can clean, deodorize, and eliminate stains, but did you know it can eliminate small pockets of mold growth, too? Homemade cleaning recipes involving vinegar call for an equal-parts distillation with water. Once you’ve created your mix, go to town on the various surfaces throughout your home—bathroom sink, toilet, stovetop, countertops, etc.—and watch the cleaning magic take place. Test your mixture before application to make sure it doesn’t damage your surfaces.

3. Clean with Baking Soda

No kitchen cabinet is complete without a box of baking soda. Run half a cup of baking soda through your drains with hot water periodically to keep them from clogging. Add a few dashes on your sponge to supercharge your scrubbing efforts and save some elbow grease. Let it sit on greasy kitchen pans and pots for a few minutes before doing the dishes and watch the food gunk disappear. It can even polish metal, clean your shower, and absorb unwanted odors throughout your home. It truly is the natural cleaning solution with 1,001 uses.


A closeup shot of a man’s arms cleaning his home. He sprays a bottle of cleaning solution on his kitchen countertop and scrubs the surface as the sunlight pours in through the window. He wears yellow rubber gloves and a navy polo shirt.

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4. Clean with Salt at Home

Salt is a staple of home life, but it can do more than garnish your meals. Indoors, it can help you with everything from removing coffee and wine stains to quickly cleaning up food spills in the kitchen. Simply sprinkle salt on the areas where food has spilled, let it sit for five minutes, and clean the mess away like magic. Another handy homeowner tip: mix 1 teaspoon of salt with a few drops of water to form a paste that can be used to remove rings left by glasses, mugs, and cups on wood.

5. How to Clean with Olive Oil

You’ve drizzled it on your salads and cooked with it, but did you know you can use olive oil to clean your home, too? By combining olive oil, vegetable oil, and a teaspoon of salt, you can quickly whip up a natural, tough-acting cleaning solution that will clean up the most resistant food spills in the kitchen and beyond. It can even polish wood furniture with a recipe of two parts olive oil and vinegar to one part lemon juice. Finally, you can clean your stainless-steel appliances with a little olive oil and a microfiber cloth.

6. Cleaning with Coffee Grounds

They’re not just part of your morning routine; coffee grounds can be one of the most helpful cleaning solutions. Coffee grounds are naturally coarse, making them an effective cleaning agent for wiping away grease and grime without scratching the material underneath. Combine a few scoops of coffee with warm water to clear debris from your pots, pans, and grill grates. Add a little soap to the mixture to get those pots and pans sparkling clean.